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Snow Day!

We got woken at 5.35am by a phone call from the school district to say that all of the district schools were closed today.  Snow Day!  We really didn’t get that much snow, so I am not sure why we had the day off, but I heard no complaints in my house. First job was to clear the drive and sidewalk, then off to explore! I took my camera into the garden to see what I could see. A shallow layer of snow was on everything from seed pods to the old Radio Flyer wagon.  

Photo a Day February 2015

As the year rolls by, I am taking a photo a day following the prompts from Fat Mum Slim.  Here is February. 1. On My Plate.  Not quite a plate I know, but a few peanuts as we await lunch. 2. Mail.  Catalogue browsing. 3. Water. As an melting icicle. 4. Reward.  Ginger cookies. 5. Something Blue. My diary. 6. Makes Me Smile. I started this book, but didn’t finish it! 7. Stripes. 8. In my Bag.  Just been to an Estate Sale and found some treasure which came home in my bag. 9. Energy. 10. This Inspires Me.  Stuff on my book shelf. 11. On the Wall. 12. Pointy. Vintage needles and pins. 13. Temptation. 14. Love.   I drew stamps and stamped inside them! 15. Spot.  Notebook. 16. From Where I Stand. 17. Routine.  Off to the gym. 18. Bedside. 19. Fresh. 20. This is so me!  Little doll in a jar with washi tape, sits on my table. 21. Matching. 22. Macro. Soaked black beans gone purple.  23. Fix.  Got some reading glasses for …

Six Word Saturday

  We had a little drop of snow in the night which settled ontop of the icy leftovers of the last snowfall.  The day is getting up above freezing temperatures so the snow is slowly dripping away. For this weeks photo I added text with the Phonto app. Got a Six Word Saturday?  Share here or over on Instagram #sixwordsaturday. Happy Weekend x

Weeky Photos 46/52. 2014

          1.  Clover flowers I picked this week from the side of the road! 2.  Great clouds with red trees. 3.  My first mail from the Sew Crafty Snail Mail group. 4.  We started to make a snow man in the little bit of snow we got yesterday,  then paused for a quick snow/mud angel! 5. Snowy leaves taken on the Hipstamatic app for iPhone. Happy Monday!  Let’s make it a great week.  

7/52 Weekly photos

First up this week are the weekly Color/Colour photos.  Green was the chosen colour last week and photo shooting was headed up by Xanthe and Andrea and Instagrammed in style under #color/colour.   I managed to spot some green walls, green trees and a fab old Robin Hood book. The other part of todays photo collection is an assignment from Blog With Pip which is a fantabulous e course I am doing.  The course runs at intervals through the year and I recommend it highly, just the right combination of techy brain work and creative fun stuff.  Headed up by Pip of Meet Me At Mikes. The homework was to take five photos over the weekend and here they are.  All of mine were taken in the antique mall close to where we live. I managed to leave everything there, although I nearly gave into the cute sunflower salt and pepper pots and the Satellite Camera. Must. Resist. Cool. Old. Stuff. I snapped this last one while we were walking home from school one day …

2/52 Weekly photos 2014

Two weeks and no bevvies for me!  Wooohooo.  I just hope that I will be able to announce two months and keep going through the year.  How are your resolutions going?  I can’t really remember the rest of mine to be honest.  That can’t be a good sign. The snow stayed nearly all week and after a nice downpour has nearly all gone now.   Yay.  The sun is out and temps are almost ‘no coat’ this week. I got some pictures of some frost and snow, sweeties and left over Christmas lights.  All of the photos are taken on the iPhone 4. I made some Harissa paste and used all of these chillies!  I am thinking I just made chilli paste to be honest.  It wasn’t as head blowingly hot as I thought it would be.  Pretty good with some salmon though. Digging out the snow cave.  Snowy seeds looking all pretty.Blackberry coffee cake.  Yums. Sweeties galore.

1/52 Weekly photos 2014

I can’t believe that last Monday was still 2013.   As usual time is zipping by and I am just about keeping up. This week we saw New Year, I stopped drinking FOR A YEAR (ha, we’ll see), we started a ‘Positive jar’ which we put a teeny note in every day with something positive on it, so that we can open it in a year and enjoy all the notes and it snowed – lots. All of these photos were taken on the iphone 4.  Some with filters from Camera+, some taken with Oggl and some straight out of the camera, no filter. Forest Park on New Year’s Eve was icy and all blue skies, a pretty end to the year.  Frozen leaves in the ponds and a little scrap of a rainbow over the bandstand. We ended up with about 12 inches of snow by the time it stopped snowing yesterday.  We went out in the morning, but by the afternoon it was frozen nose time, so we didn’t bother!

Through the lens Thursday. One.

Today I spotted a great idea and year long project conceived by Alison at Writing Wishing and Greta at GFunkified. They provide the prompts and we all take a photo or photos every Thursday for 2014. I am going to use my ‘grown up’ camera for my Through the Lens Thursday posts, and by the end of the year I will be a photo taking genius! Ok, maybe not a total genius,  hopefully I will be taking better photos with an improved knowledge of my camera in all of it’s manual glory. I am proud to say that I now use my camera on manual only and I have been for a few months, but some of those little numbers and letters still confuse my little brain.   I see more clarity in the brain department as well as the picture department by the end of the year! This week’s prompt is ‘soft’ and I loved the soft light falling on the fresh snow this morning. All I did to this photo was crop it …