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Through the Lens Thursday 30. Stairs.

This week’s prompt has got me thinking.  What is the difference kind friends between stairs and steps?  All I can find in my direct vicinity are steps, up to porches, down to basements, into shops, even rock steps in the woods, but no stairs.  I class stairs as the steps (confused yet?) which are inside a house, apartment block, department store or theatre.  They are often carpeted, but still stairs if not.  Why?  Why do I  go up the stairs in my Mum’s house to the next floor, but I go down the steps to my basement and up the steps to the porch.  In stately homes there is always a sweeping staircase, never sweeping steps.  They are essentially the same thing, why the different name?

You take ‘steps’ as you walk but you never take big ‘stairs’ to get somewhere faster, but bigger ‘steps’ will get you there quickly.

So alas, I have no stairs, only steps for my photo!  Pretty darn cool steps though, check out the ivy climbing up step by step.

Through the Lens Thursday.  Stairs.


We are now at week 30 in Through the Lens Thursday and each week I learn something else.  This week the strong light caught me out big time, most of the pictures I took were bad and bright.  In this one I think I caught the strength of the sunlight without it naturally overexposing everything.

Do you take a ton of photos to get the right one, or do you know your numbers?  It is good to learn lots of new stuff and I certainly am here!



  1. I do not know my numbers and have to take a trillion photos to get things right! I’m doing a course on the art of photography through Open 2 Study at the moment which is helping me a lot. It’s a free course and is wonderful! But practice does indeed make perfect – which is why I think your through the lens thursday is such an ace idea! xx

    • It is a good job we are not using film Heike! Having said that, I have just been given a Minolta 35mm camera and I am going to get some film and see what I can shoot with it, old school style. I am signed up for a writing course next, then I am in the market for a photo course.

  2. I think you did beautifully!
    I usually play around with the settings, taking the same thing, to get the right one.

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