St Louis, Weekly photo stills
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1/52 Weekly photos 2014

I can’t believe that last Monday was still 2013.   As usual time is zipping by and I am just about keeping up.

This week we saw New Year, I stopped drinking FOR A YEAR (ha, we’ll see), we started a ‘Positive jar’ which we put a teeny note in every day with something positive on it, so that we can open it in a year and enjoy all the notes and it snowed – lots.

All of these photos were taken on the iphone 4.  Some with filters from Camera+, some taken with Oggl and some straight out of the camera, no filter.








Forest Park on New Year’s Eve was icy and all blue skies, a pretty end to the year.  Frozen leaves in the ponds and a little scrap of a rainbow over the bandstand.

We ended up with about 12 inches of snow by the time it stopped snowing yesterday.  We went out in the morning, but by the afternoon it was frozen nose time, so we didn’t bother!


  1. Wire what beautiful photos esp from a phone. We too are starting a thanks jar! Good luck on drinking or not…. I had a beer with lunch so I would fail miserably.

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