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International Women’s Day


Sunday is International Women’s Day and one of the ‘day’s I like to remember.  I first encountered International Women’s Day while I was in Italy for a while,  and all of the women were given a sprig of Mimosa flowers (as opposed to a swig of Mimosa cocktail) in celebration and to honor the ladies.

I couldn’t find Mimosa flowers in Trader Joes today, so I bought some yellow Forsythia and a couple of bunches of daffs.

I read a lovely post by City Hippy Farm Girl about International Women’s Day and giving lavender to celebrate the ladies who have inspired her.  I thought I would have a quick run down of the women I know who are fab.

Ms C was one of the first people I met when we moved here, she called to us as we passed her house and our boys played cars and we chatted and drank coffee.

Mrs K is my mum and amazing.  That’s all.

Ms L  inspired me on an almost daily basis to make jewelry, mix colours and make beads.  One of my best all time teachers.

Ms K kicks my workout butt many times a week and I still love to exercise and push myself to be better.

Ms J for being the best artist, printmaker and illustrator and supporting me in all my crazy ideas.

Miss E for being so darn cute on my Instagram feed and in life too.  This young lady will grow into a wonderful woman and continue to make her Aunty proud.

Ms C and Ms E for being my best pals in the whole wide world and universe.

Ms K who is a creative wonder and dim sum aficionado.

Mrs S lives on our street and always has a smile and a wave and always always tells me how much the boys have grown even though she sees them every day and has done for the 10 years we have lived here.  She is in her eighties and such a lovely lady.

All the Ms’s in my neighbourhood who are always there for each other and me and you if you need them. The best women I know on International Women’s day.

So, go out and buy some flowers for yourself and your favourite women this weekend!

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