Through The Lens Thursday
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Through the Lens Thursday 24. Deep.

For this week’s Through the Lens Thursday the first thing which sprang to mind was a swimming pool – the deep end of course.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to stand at the edge of the YMCA pool taking photos of the deep end looking like a fool (I know, I shouldn’t care, but I do, it’s a problem).  So I wracked my brains and squeezed the creative juices, but I kept coming back to the pool idea.

Well, I did it, I asked the aquatics director if it would be ok and she laughed at me (kindly) and said of course I could stand at the end of the pool like a crazy person and take photos.  So I did and here they are, I give you – Deep.




I love how the water distorts the lines and the pool tiles, water is very cool, especially deep water!  Thanks Mid County YMCA for letting me shoot the pool!  Thanks also to Greta of Gfunkified and Alison of Writing Wishing for coming up with a year’s worth of photo prompts.

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