Through The Lens Thursday
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Through the Lens Thursday 25. Smooth.

For this week’s Through the Lens Thursday the prompt was Smooth.  Water balloons are a top feature in our summer, so today we stocked up and got wet.  We have had the ‘Slip n Slide’ out on the back grass the past two days so we were a wet muddy mess by the time we were done with today.  The grass is now a swamp and needs a couple of days to recuperate and dry out.

We managed to fill a little pile of balloons and not explode them, so I took a picture before we got wet and muddy!

imageNext week is ‘Imperfect’ and week 26 which is halfway through the year!  I hope you are having a good year and that the second half of 2014 turns out most excellently for us all.



  1. how is it possible that it’s half way through the year?? I refuse to acknowledge this, it can’t be true…really it can’t. My brain is still up to say, February? March tops?

    • Ha, I know what you mean! If everything could just slow down and let me catch up, that would be great!

  2. I was just thinking yesterday that it seems only a moment ago it was 1 January. We’ve just had our winter solstice and now the days will start gradually getting longer. How did this happen so fast? Love the water balloons.

    • It is our Summer Solstice today, and our days get shorter (but not cooler unfortunately).

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