Life Adventures, NaBloPoMo 2014
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‘I like’ Fridays.


For the month of November and maybe forever after, I am going to do a Friday post with a few things I like.  ‘I like’ Fridays,  see what I did there!

What are you liking this fine Friday?  Let me know in the comments.

This week I have been liking these things

Reading – ‘Us’ by David Nicholls, I am only just starting this book, but I really like it.  I had better hurry up because it is from the library and I only have two weeks to read it which is not my usual speed.  My usual speed is about two months per book!

WatchingProject Runway Allstars season 4.  We have no cable (thinking of ditching it altogether) at the minute, so I am catching up online on Fridays.  My little Friday treat.  I have to admit that I don’t like Allstars as much as regular Runway.  Heidi and Tim, I miss you!

ListeningSerial podcast.  I am obsessed with it, I can hardly wait from week to week.  If you are not listening, you must.

Cooking – Lasagne is the hot favourite dinner in our house at the minute.  Home made everything in it except the pasta.  I make it with ‘no meat’ mince and cheddar cheese sauce.  Sometimes I sneak in some frozen spinach, but sometimes I get told off for daring to add greenery.

Making – I have been painting cards and postcards which I am going to be sending out as part of the Snail Mail project headed up by Deb at Sew Crafty Goodness

Playing – with the Snapseed app on my iPad.  I made the lovely feather picture on this post in Snapseed.  We found some yellow feathers on the way home from school yesterday, and today I photo’ed them and messed about in Snapseed.  I started just making the photo a bit brighter then I decided to make it super bright, save it, then super bright again. I do like playing with photo apps don’t you?


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  1. You’ve been busy Clare! I have been trying to get my snail mail packages ready but I am very very slow off the mark. I have been cooking healthy whole foods and feeling better for it. I have been reading a random book by an author who has the same name as me (for a blog post coming up this week). I haven’t been watching too much TV as I get a bit addicted and want to download and watch a whole series, so I put it off until I have a long weekend to spare x

    • I have some almost ready to go, I am hoping to get them in the post this week, it has been super fun painting cards, except I keep getting ideas as I go and can’t stop!! Hopefully it is a good book written by your namesake!

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