Six Word Saturday
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Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday


All set to start the Tinkerlab Sketchbook challenge every day of February.  Fancy joining in?  I am looking forward to a drawing a day.

Six Word Saturday is on Instagram, if you have one, feel free to share #sixwordsaturday.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Cute pic Clare! I just noticed from your little profile blurb that you are from St Louis… I don’t know how many St Louis there are but have you heard this ace song by Mark Lanegan? It’s called St Louis Elegy and I just had to tell you about it! 🙂

  2. This challenge looks so cool! Unfortunately I am going away on holidays for a couple of weeks during February so I wont be able to do it but I will be definitely watching on Instagram x

  3. I’m in and I’m excited! Although I am a bit stuck on today’s prompt – mirror! I’m looking forward to practising my drawing skills and this is such a great way to do so.

    • I agree Deb, I looked at mirror and wondered what to do. I think I might make a wet painting on one side of my sketchbook then shut it and get the mirror image on the other side. See what happens!

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