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‘I like’ Fridays

Dog (book) in window
Here are some things I have been reading on the interweb this week, I hope you like them.

There is a great post here at She Who Rambles  about faraway family which I could relate to as all of my wonderful family are in the UK.  We need a portal to whizz us all around the world for a cup of tea and a biscuit whenever we need!  If you are working on such a device, please let me have a go first.

Got boys in your house?  Or do you just fancy making some cool crafty things?  All your needs are catered in this piece by Tiny Rotten Peanuts.  I want to make the vellum igloo, the Fart Noise Maker and a handful of dollar jet fighters if you want to help me.

That Summer Feeling carries on the adventures of Quinoa and her ‘life journey’, I don’t miss a week and nor should you.

I found Humblebee and Me which is full of DIY beauty ideas and she is so generous with her ideas and tips I can’t get enough of it.

After many months of back and forthing I decided to take the plunge and I signed up for the DSLR basics course at A Beautiful Mess.  I just got a new lens for my camera and to be honest I am struggling to get decent photos, so I enlisted help from Elsie, Emma and Janae.

Fabric design, how can I resist this class at Creative Bug.  Oh boy, I need to find a time management guru to fit all of this in!  I have no clue about fabric design and pattern design, so I can’t wait to get started on this one.

Have you seen these beautiful necklaces designed by the ever amazing Kal Barteski?  They just seem so personal to me and a statement piece all at the same time.  Lovely.

What have you been up to this week?  Found any webby treasures?

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I live in St Louis, MO, but I am originally from Lincoln, Great Britain. My family and I have lived in the Mid West for over 15 years now. My blog is where I blog and chat about all kinds of creative stuff.


  1. So glad you are enjoying Quinoa’s stories Clare. I actually think Quinoa would love the recipes over at Humblebee and Me. I might have to try some of them.

    • Oh yes, Quinoa should definitely make her own beauty products! She can use the cafe leftovers as a face mask!!!

  2. ohhh lots off goodies to check out! thanks!
    reannon… at she who rambles is my long distance gal pal. just heart her!

    i have step-boys in the house but they are older teens. i got them when they were just going into their teens, i so wish i would have got them younger because i would have been arting it up with them like i did with my daughters.

    • There is some good stuff out there, not that I read much online to be honest (I am a bad blogger!). Jeanette at TRP always has great ideas and She Who Rambles is one of the few blogs I read regularly.

  3. Fabric design sounds like crazy amounts of fun. Don’t you want to take every class on CreativeBug? I do. Thanks for the shout out!

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