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‘I Like’ Fridays

Coffee and DonutToday brings Spring to the Western hemisphere along with a solar eclipse and a Supermoon tonight.  Phew, quite the celestial action! I hope I captured the atmosphere in my coffee and doughnut photo – Supermoon coffee and eclipse doughnut!

So what are we liking this week?

I got a couple of new t shirts and a dress from Uniqlo which I love.  The ones I got are here, here and here.

This new US magazine, Womankind, looks like a good read.  I have a copy which I have yet to open!  As with most of my favourite mags, this one originated in Australia.

Converse shoes are a current favourite in our house, I just got a pair of red lowtops and my youngest got a pair of black hightops and they are the same size!  Yay that means I can borrow my son’s shoes.  There is something I never thought I would say!

My Wild Unknown tarot cards might make an appearance today as we are under such an amazing trifecta of natural occurrences. They are so gorgeous, I just like to look through them and pick out my favourites.  I find good tarot spreads to follow over at Little Red Tarot which is a great site for the tarot reading beginner like me.

What have you been enjoying this week?  Lots of things I hope!

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I live in St Louis, MO, but I am originally from Lincoln, Great Britain. My family and I have lived in the Mid West for over 15 years now. My blog is where I blog and chat about all kinds of creative stuff.

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