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Through The Lens Thursday #12. Frown.

TTLT 12 Frown


I did wonder what on earth I was going to use for ‘Frown’, then I looked at the super hero and action figures around the house and they are all frowning!  I picked Superman for his very impressive frown though.

I have a new camera which is very exciting so these photos are now taken using a Canon 6D and a fixed 50mm lens.  I am really loving the depth of field I can now capture, yay!

Here’s hoping Superman is going to cheer up….

For more information about Through The Lens Thursday, go here.  Next week’s prompt is ‘In my Cup’.


    • I was a bit worried about what I would snap for ‘frown’, but as soon as I saw this face, it was easy!! I hope your husband knows you likened him to Superman (even a frowny Superman)

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