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Let the Sparkle out – Grey hair update



I have done it, after a year of two, three and more tone hair, I have settled on a natural brown with some sparkly chunks.

To be honest I didn’t see the very solid grey streak coming at all, even though the grey has always been more prominent at the front, usually from before a week after dyeing it, the glow would begin shining through.  I saw this as a bad thing and ended up dyeing my hair almost monthly,  sorry hair.

I think the year it has taken has been a good thing in hindsight, getting used to the colour coming (or lack of it), then being more and more keen to see the natural end result.  If the decision was taken to stop dyeing and within a week or a month, everything was in it’s grey glory, I think the shock of the intense colour change might not be for the faint-hearted.  Even the peek within a couple of months can be quite alarming, but I think that is mainly because of the contrast between the dyed and fading portion of hair and the natural grey and brown emerging.

Once there was about 2 inches of grey, I was certain that I was going natural,  from then I got more and more impatient to see the end result without having too much cut off everytime I went to the salon.

For someone with my patience level, this has been an interesting exercise in patience, grooming and hair decisions.

So what has changed?

I now use ‘Silver’ labelled shampoo which is a fabulous bright blue.

The style of my hair is more considered, I like the long fringe but don’t want to go full long hair, although I thought about it for a while.

Despite good intentions, I am still not a full time lipstick wearer. I really thought this might happen, but lip balm is pretty much all that goes on my lips.  I still think lipstick makes me look odd!

I have to keep an eye out for wild grey moments when the shorter hairs decide to go all frizzy on me.  Usually a gentle redirect will tame them.

And nothing else really, I still look like I did and I still dress as I always have, no elastic waisted slacks or hair curlers in my near future.

I must say that I had to check that this ‘before’ photo was from last year, seems so long ago!


Do you have natural grey hair?  Any tips to share?  Or are you a die hard dyer?  Do you change your hair colour or keep it as natural as possible?  Not something I did when I dyed!

Happy Wednesday x



  1. Wow, what a difference, I like both looks but the gray is especially striking and I am not just saying that because I have the same striking gray streak 🙂

  2. Your hair looks fabulous. I stopped dyeing my hair about last February, I’m still transitioning because my hair is shoulder length (it was longer). I can relate to the wanting it to happen quicker. I Love my grey hair and wonder why I dyed it for most of my adult life, it seems a bit crazy now. I’ve gone from getting a shock when I see myself in the mirror to thinking I look weird in old photos where my hair is dyed some weird trying to be natural colour. Yay for grey! ( as I bonus I feel I can spend the money I’m saving on art supplies or skin care)

    • I couldn’t agree more Emily, I look at that red hair and want to slap myself!! Mine was short to begin with, but I still can’t believe how long it takes to grow a new head of hair.

    • Good idea, I need to change the profile pic (again), this one might stay for a while. I love rings and bracelets!

  3. I think it’s beautiful and I applaud you for having the fortitude to hang in there. I certainly didn’t. Looking back on your before and after shots I think you made the right choice. You don’t look any older but there is a softness around the edges and I like it. Think of all the money you have saved over the past year, and I’ll bet it’s in better condition than ever.

    • That red was bad! It is a joy not to have to decide how much to let through before the dye hits!

  4. I love your hair Clare it looks natural and beautiful. All those gorgeous different tones and the front bit is awesome. I stopped dying my hair two years ago and its a natural dark brown. There are grey’s in there which stand out a bit and go a bit straggly, but I’ve got curly hair anyway so it kind of all gets jumbled up anyway! Someone told me keeping it well conditioned is the go. I’d love to know what your hair care routine is! x

    • Not dyeing is so much better isn’t it!? I use ‘silver’ shampoo and conditioner and I rub in a little bit of hair oil after every wash. I bet your curly hair would love hair oil!

  5. Clare – it’s beautiful. I love it! I’m on my way back to my natural colour- a ‘nothing-in-between-mousy’ with the odd grey. I recently chopped my hair off so it’s easier to keep it looking ok in the in between, but I tried it once with hair down to my bottom and it looked terrible!!

    • Yes, shorter hair is much better for a grow out of old color. Still seems to take an age though! The longest I have had my hair is my shoulders, so I can’t imagine bottom length hair.

  6. Love the grey hair on you! I too gave up colouring my hair, and yes had it every colour under the sun 🙂
    I’m doing what I like to call ’embracing the grey’ and loving that I don’t have get it coloured all the time… It feels healthier and looks natural which I love, just took a big leap to go there which I’m sure you understand… well done Clare!

    • I am definitely enjoying my ‘new’ hair. I shudder to think of all the damage I did by coloring for all those years. I agree, it does take a massive leap of faith! Your hair looks lovely, I am thinking of growing mine a little longer.

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