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Preparing for Vacation.

On my travels

We are going on holiday at the weekend – hurrah!  Well it will be hurrah when I am on the plane on my way, until then I am in a little tornado sized week of making lists, packing bags and cleaning the house, emptying the fridge and rounding up lovely neighbors to help feed the cat and dog and water the plants.

Isn’t it a worry all this getting ready for holidays?  Are you a holiday worrier or are you too busy browsing the guide books?

We are going to Cape Cod, so we are still in this country which won’t involve new money and we are staying in a rental cottage, so we have a place to ourselves.  We have been to the same town for the past two holidays and we really like it, I worried (shocker) that it is a bit boring going to the same place every holiday, but we know the area now and still find new things to do and places to see.  The Cape Cod coastline seems to be in constant change so that is always interesting.  We love to find horseshoe crabs and spot the seals bobbing about and hope they manage to avoid any great white sharks who may be passing by.

Did you know that ‘Jaws’ was filmed near Cape Cod at Martha’s Vineyard? I have never seen him hanging about in the sea thank goodness!

I remember going on family holidays which I didn’t have to organise and I was so excited I could barely sleep for a week before.  All I had to do was pack my swimsuit and 110 camera (with film) and squeeze in my walkman (with cassettes).  The biggest worry was which tapes to pack, C90’s were always best as they lasted longest and I didn’t have to pack so many.  At least now I don’t have to worry about music as I have Spotify, after I have logged onto it on my phone, now what is the password again….?

What to pack?  It is much cooler over on the east coast than it is here which I am rather looking forward to, but I am not sure what to pack.  When I was a teen and heading off to European beaches, I was heading into the heat and sun, here we have hot, humid summers, I run away from it whenever I can. I suppose you always want what you don’t have!

I think we are going to try and just take hand luggage which frankly is a challenge when we have to take towels and bedding which takes up a good portion of clothes space.  There is a washing machine at the cottage, so I can pack one pair of jeans, one pair of trousers and a skirt along with a handful of t-shirts and a sweatshirt and be pretty good for clothes.

The main space taker in my bag will be my ‘entertainment’- my camera, iPad, books (I still prefer the paper version), magazines, pens, pencils, sketchbook and crochet hook and yarn.  I need stuff to do friends, I am very very very easily bored, probably worse than most 5 year olds!  I always have the romantic notion that I will sit on the beach and gaze out to sea and beachcomb, which I will, but I can’t sit still for more than a few minutes, so I need stuff, stuff to do.  I love to search the beach and I am happy to walk for miles with my head down looking at the sand while paddling in the shallows and rock pools, this year I plan to do some sketching of the what-nots I find on the beach.  Hopefully that should keep me a little bit entertained!

I will be blogging as and when, so I can share my travels with you!  Yay.

See you tomorrow for Through The Lens Thursday. x


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I live in St Louis, MO, but I am originally from Lincoln, Great Britain. My family and I have lived in the Mid West for over 15 years now. My blog is where I blog and chat about all kinds of creative stuff.


  1. Oh you lucky duck Clare! I find it terribly hard to pack for a different climate. We live in Tasmania (cold) and often travel to the sub tropics to warm up. I always always take jumpers that never get worn! I look forward to reading about your trip. Bon Voyage!

    • I think it is in the rules that you must take at least one item of clothing you will never wear!

  2. Books (not the electronic version, obvs), crochet hook and wool, pens and sketch pad all sound like perfect holiday provisions to me Clare. Have fun in Cape Cod! Don’t get eaten by Jaws 🙂

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