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Six Word Saturday and Printing Photos

Six Word Saturday
I try to make sure I print and album photos fairly regularly so that I don’t end up with a box of photos with no idea of when or where they were taken.
However I did manage to get behind with 2013, I made it up to 2012 and I started 2014, but for some reason I neglected 2013. Then I did the worst thing and printed the photos, ran out of sleeves for my album and they ended up in the dreaded box…..
This year I made sure I had enough sleeves and got to work using the diary to keep everything in order as I popped the photos into the album. It was lovely to look back at photos as it always is and now all of the photos are in their place.
I find it very difficult to find albums now, so I started to use the Becky Higgins Project Life range which is great because they make sleeves to go in folders which hold regular prints and Instagram squares as well as smaller pockets for little cards to remember what the photo was of.

I know Project Life is aimed more at scrapbookers, but I love the versatile sleeves you can get and the little cards to write dates and events on.  I like to remember where and when everything was, so I will be writing cards like ‘Slip n Slide in the garden, June 2014’.  I always think I will remember these moments, but in only a few years it is amazing which details are erased from my busy head.  Between the diary I keep for the family and the photos, it is a super way to keep the memories over the years.

I love to look back at old photos and I want to be able to look back with my kids too and remember slip n sliding in the garden as well as trips out and good times with friends and family.

Do you print photos?  They are so ace to look back over aren’t they?


  1. I don’t often print photos, but I should. I don’t have kids, maybe if I do I’ll be more motivated to print them out. It’s a good idea – what happens when your computer breaks down etc and you lose all those wonderful photos of your life taken over the years? There’s nothing like an actual album full of photos, even though it seems kind of old school these days x

    • I think I will always print photos, even if they all end up in a box or stuck in a scrapbook! I just love to look back on old photos and of course ones when I was a kid are always a good laugh! I can’t see us looking up an old computer disc or iPad to look at old photos like we will grab a family album.

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