Weekly Photos
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Weekly Photos 28/52.

Railroad tracks
Diana App
Eggplant flower
Slide the City
Union Station STL
Cafe Osage
Bowood Farm
Bowood Farm
1. We had lovely frozen yoghurt in the sunshine alongside the railway tracks.
2. I mixed up photos on the Diana app.
3. My eggplant/aubergine plant has had a couple of flowers but, none of them seem to want to grown into a vegetable.
4. At the weekend we went to Slide the City in St Louis, which was a 1000 ft slip and slide. I did way more slipping than sliding, but it was fun!
5. We caught the MetroLink train to Union Station for sliding, I took this photo on Hipstamatic.
6. On Sunday we met friends at Cafe Osage for brunch.
7. Cafe Osage is part of Bowood Farm shop which has some great stuff.
8.  The cat was not for sale!

Phew the weather has got hot hot hot here over the past few days.  Just walking to the gym to get into the pool is a sweat-fest, and I need a water bottle with me to walk to the library!




  1. Stunning photos Clare, as always. I particularly love the view from within the slide, and the cat among the pot plants, looking out the window. Cats are just so cool. They remind us all to chill the f#$% out and just relax, don’t they 😉 I think I need one in my life.

    • Cats are pretty chilled, this one just wandered around the shop minding his own business, setting a good example!

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