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My favourites from The 100 Day Project.

100 days of making mandalas #100
This mandala was the final one for my time with The 100 Day Project hosted by The Great Discontent magazine and the fabulous Elle Luna. I loved the process of drawing a mandala every day and I came up with many surprises, the main one being that I could draw something every day, not get bored and I liked most of them!
It just shows what you can come up with a bit of a boost, a great idea and a little structure. If I had to draw ‘anything’ every day I might have struggled more with the blank page for three months, but the mandalas were lovely to draw and paint and photograph.
I have picked ten of my favourite mandalas to share from my 100 days of making mandala journey.
100 days of making mandalas #16
This one started with the lettering in the middle and I enjoyed using the cupcake colours. Number 16.
100 days of making mandalas #28
Doodles was the name of the game here. It was nice not to have to draw the grid to start the mandala. Number 28.
100 days of making mandalas #34
Another doodle using uneven circles and different thicknesses of pens. Number 34
100 days of making mandalas #44
This one started with the middle houses and garden paths, the barns pretty much added themselves along with the fence. A good example of what you can come up with if you let yourself play around with an idea. Number 44.
100 days of making mandalas #49
I just love drawing these colored sticks in various formations, so it was only natural that I draw a mandala with them! Number 49.
100 days of making mandalas #56
This one is a very floral mix of grid and freeform. Number 56.
100 days of making mandalas #75
I spotted this thistle on a walk and I love the purple and the shape of Musk Thistles, as is the case with most flowers, there is a mandala in there too. Number 75.
100 days of making mandalas #95
I did a couple of mandalas using collage and I liked how this one came out, it looks much better as a photograph than on the page! Number 95.
100 days of making mandalas #97
Monster mandala! Teeth and eyes and tails and ears! Number 97.

I also followed some other fab 100 dayers on Instagram –

Leaf and Petal Such great collages, every day.

Dainty Dora 100 haiku, soon to be an e book.

Holland Loop Abstract and beautiful colour use.

Hey_jules_studio A daily rainbow still life.  Inspiring.

JJ Pockets Collaged postcards.

Giving Nature A super idea, to give a plant to someone deserving every day.

Superleftee One of my favorite projects, all of these drawings make me want to sketch more.

I give you the verbs Pausing, 100 photos of ideas and inspiration.

Such_lovely_Things Photos of loveliness.

They Draw and Cook Another fantastic idea, drawing on Pantone color cards.  They look so great!

So now what shall I do?  ‘The next 100 day project’ anyone?

Did you do #the100dayproject?  How did you like it?


  1. Such experimentation and colour and amazing creativity here – I love that the 100 days gave us such scope to dive in then switch things up and keep diversifying. I loved that watercolour mandala for the final day and the coloured sticks and cupcakes are gorgeous too – all of them are! You could make these into digital patterns?? Also, what a lovely surprise to have a shout out – I should have totally done that! Thank you and here’s to creativity, our next projects and more 100 days of fabulous xx

    • I need to look at what I can do with them, I am no digital master, so I am not sure about the pattern thing, purely because I don’t know how. Something else to research! I would like to make each into a black and white base to make a coloring book or printables. Goodness knows how I would do that. I need a man/woman who can! It was a great project, so simple, but look at what everyone turned out.

  2. Love these and the first one especially, I’d love to have on a bag or tshirt!

    • Aww thanks Ann, I would like to do something with them, but I am stumped at even making a printable to offer as a coloring sheet…. I need computer classes!

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