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‘I Like’ Friday. Get Messy Season of Lists Week 6.


Leaf prints on dictionary pages


Home is..



I thought I was avoiding the prompts this week and then I realized that I had inadvertently incorporated the ‘write the list outside’ prompt very vaguely in the top page.  The prints are made with leaves, gathered from outside. Ta-dah!

The list prompts have made for a challenging Get Messy season for me to be honest.  I don’t often incorporate writing in my pages with much success, but I wanted to give it a go. This week I decided to use the prompts not as a list but as a single sentence or idea, is one item classed as a list?  A single item list?  I think not.

I do enjoy writing using a Sumi brush (Home is..) but it often takes a few run ups to get it right.  The thing is when you are working over a prepared background and it goes wrong, it is a ‘start again’ situation.  My first go at this page saw me miscalculating the word ‘paintbrushes’ and I ended up squishing it all up by the time I got to the e and the s!  Just like the posters we used to make for the school jumble sale where the words would invariably bend around the page when we ran out of room! I made two background pages at the same time, so I flipped to the second page and paid more attention this time!

This ‘one idea’ method of journaling is much better for me and I wish I had done it earlier in the season. Oh well, I got there in the end!

As usual, once I started to make gelli plate prints of leaves, I couldn’t stop.  Soon the floor and table were covered in black and white prints on various papers. These are the ones I made at the same time as the black and white page and I am looking forward to incorporating these into my journal too.

If you are interested in art journaling and the Get Messy community, check out their website for all the information. http://getmessyartjournal.com.


Happy Friday!  Have a fab weekend x


  1. Hey, when I have to get words in a particular place I count out where the centre letters need to fall. I’ll often write a word from the middle, even a piece of script. You can also write a word backwards, but that does take a lot of practice! #graphicdesigntips 🙂

    • Funnily, I usually do this – start with the middle letter, I don’t think I could write backwards. Somehow good sense left me in the failed attempt!

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