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Weekly Photos 19/52









1.We spotted this guy as we walked to school through the woods.  I love the pattern on his shell.

2.More gelli plate goodness using grasses from my back garden. I printed on regular paper, old book pages and deli paper.

3&4. I went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens with some friends and we managed to catch the beauty before a massive storm marched through.

5. This weekend my youngest and I went for a paddle in the creek.  The water was very shallow so we managed to get further than we usually walk.  We found some old  shards of pots and a fossil or two.

6. We now have a 15 year old and I made some cupcakes with orange butter cream.

7. And I made some confetti cookies using a wonderful recipe from Smitten Kitchen. It was super easy and they look and taste fabulous!  Perfect for a teen birthday.

I had a good week and I hope you did too. I am still processing the Blog Conference I attended over the weekend and I am planning a post with the best nuggets of information I gained from it on Wednesday. It was a good day!

Happy Monday x



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