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100 Days of Altered Cards 71-80.










We are almost at the home straight of The 100 Day Project and I was thinking why I like it so much.  I like challenges with prompts and instructions which are usually a month long, but this is a different beast.  Over three months of the same (ish) project which you thought up yourself and only really have yourself accountable for.

I post my cards on Instagram every day using the hashtag #100daysofalteredcardsbycatseatdogs and that is pretty much my accountability. I know, I know, it could have been shorter!

So, here are ten reasons I like The 100 Day Project so much.

1. The time frame is huge but so satisfying (especially once I got into double digits).

2.The body of work you make is going to be fairly big and hopefully useful

3. You can’t help but land on a style or a way of working which you enjoy.

4. I have learnt to work small.

5. I have learnt to take off the pressure to create something amazing each time.  There is always another go tomorrow if today’s doesn’t work out.

6. Imagination is essential and gets exercised each day with new experiments.

7. Ideas come flowing because I have a creative focus.

8. Many of the techniques and outcomes I have used on the cards, I have also used in other areas.

9. The community feel is great and there are so many amazing things being created and achieved.

10. I will be a very proud bunny when I am at 100!

Here are my cards alongside the original playing card from 71-80. Onwards and upwards to 90 and 100!

Are you doing The 100 Day Project? Feel free to share your hashtag and I can follow you on Instagram.

Happy Wednesday x


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