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Get Messy Thursday. Season of Introspection Week 6.

This was the last week of the Get Messy Season of Introspection and I am really happy with the final three spreads of my altered book.  I now have a book which started as a guide to growing avocados from the avocado stone and is now a full and splendid art journal.

I made these three pages pretty much simultaneously once I had the back ground to the butterfly page.


This background was a total experiment with a cardboard tube and cut up foam stickers to make a print roller.  I used my gelli plate as a palette to apply paint to the roller and it worked really well!



As you can see in the pictures I ended up printing lots of things once I got started and once I had used the roller as much as I wanted, I pulled a few prints directly off the gelli plate. One of these prints is also used on the butterfly page at the edges.  I printed on dry deli paper because I like the translucent quality. My dining room table was awash with colour and paint and mess! Of course I had to clear it all up so that we could have dinner, but I got lots of great prints to use.


This page was inspired by one of the Get Messy prompts this week.  I took a scarily close up  selfie with my Instax camera and used it on the page with words, drawing, outlines and splatter paint. I used another gelli print on deli paper over the whole left page.


This final page started with the blobby background which I didn’t love, so I covered the whole spread with another gelli print on deli paper (are you spotting a theme yet?).  These deli paper prints or even just plain deli paper are great for calming down a overly loud start to a page or a rather harsh background beginning which was the case here.

While I was waiting for the background to dry, I looked through my clippings and found this fantastic sign and the little bird.  So I chopped them out of their page and added them to this page.  The song lyrics seemed appropriate to the developing sarcastic theme of the page!

If you want to join the Get Messy Community, now is a great time because this season has finished and the new season won’t be starting for a week or two.  Follow the link for more details.

Happy Thursday x



  1. Wow Clare, I’m loving seeing all your creativity in your journal pages. Your selfie is great and all that printing ! So cool. See ya next season 🙂

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