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Weekly Photos 28/52








This has been a week of art and printing and colour!  Just how I like it.

It has also been a week of homegrown tomatoes, once they are ripe they need eating, so tomatoes have been popping up in salads, pizza and sauce all week!

1. My first beefsteak tomato which went on a pizza!

2. I thought this van looked like the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine.

3. My first foray into printing this week, I started with a roller print and ended up with gelli plate prints too.  I printed onto lots of paper including this vintage music.

4. Dusk at the end of a dog walk and Pokemon hunt.

5. There are lots of mushrooms in the woods and I liked these star shaped fungi.

6. We had all the weather including a massive storm which we had to wait out in Starbucks, but we were rewarded with this ace rainbow as we walked home.

7. More printing, this time with the gelli plate and some dried honesty seeds. It has been a painty week and I am hoping for more of the same in the next few days.

We have a heat advisory here in the oven which is the mid-west until Friday, so sun screen for the win with a side of iced water!

Happy Monday x




  1. Lisa says

    Looks like a fantastic week Clare. Your tomato reminds of that movie “Fried Green Tomatos”!

    • It was half green and half red, by the time I ate it, it was all red. I honestly don’t think I have seen Fried Green Tomatoes! I am sure I meant to but never quite got round to it.

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