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‘I Like’ Friday. The Get Messy Art Journal Edition.








imageI have been having some great fun during this first week of the new Get Messy Art Journal season. ‘Get Messy’ is a community of art journalling ladies who hang out via the inter-webs and sometimes in real life.  If you are interested in creating art journals or are a seasoned art journaler, you may be interested in joining.

For this ‘season of music’, I made a journal for the first time which was quite a leap, I thought I would not be into making a handmade journal at all. I make enough mess in my art journals and sketchbooks, what if I make the mess of all messes while making the darn book!

I chose a small music script in the form of a book which was stapled together to unstaple and add my own pages as well as keeping all of the original music.  I used pamphlet stitch and added tracing paper, mixed media paper and watercolor paper. I soon ended up with a natty little handmade journal to fill.

‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ is in there somewhere!

Only a week into the journal and I have cut holes, filled holes, stitched with my sewing machine, painted, lettered, stenciled and glued.  I have started lots of pages as a result, so let’s hope I end up finishing them all!

This journal seems to be coming up with a style of it’s own, so it will be interesting to see how that develops over the next few weeks.

Happy Creating and Happy Friday x


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