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Art Journaling Supplies I Can’t do Without.

Art supplies might very well be my favorite thing to shop for.  They are always colorful, always useful, no worries that they won’t fit (they always fit somewhere!), always make me happy.  I literally (not really, that would be weird) skip home from the art shop.  Maybe I am skipping in my head though as I think about my new supplies and how I can introduce them to my existing supplies.

Some of my essential supplies don’t even come from the art or craft store, they come from estate sales or thrift shops.  I am talking about the paper and even some of the sketchbooks I use. Oftentimes I will print on paper from an old book or music script, or I will use the whole book as a sketchbook.


Another paper I adore is dry deli paper which is not from the art store either (I get mine from Amazon).  It is the paper which you pick out your pastries at the supermarket with or that your sandwich might be wrapped in.  I am not sure where I first found out about using and printing on deli paper, but I have not looked back. Once it is glued to a page, the paper is almost see through, so I can paint or print on as much paper as I need to get my image right, then stick it into my sketchbook and work over it.  Or stick it onto a background and be done.It does get wrinkled and crumpled, so if perfection is what you are after, leave your expectations behind and see what happens.

I like different brushes for different effects, one I use lots is the huge stenciling brush which I use for all kinds of things, none of which are stenciling! My most favorite has to be my sumi brushes though, I was introduced to them by Kal Barteski when I did her script class and I love to paint and write with them.  They are just so forgiving, every stroke looks like an elegant line, even if it is in the wrong place!

Gelli plates are super fun and I am just learning how to use mine, but what I have learnt is when you get the gelli plate out, you had better have lots of room and lots of paper to print and lay them to dry.  I like to use the deli paper with the gelli plate as well as old book paper, music paper and printing directly into my sketchbook.

The Instax camera is great because it produces an instant photo to stick into my art journal and paint around and write over.  I have a couple of vintage polaroid cameras, but I like the small size of the Instax for my sketchbooks and art journals. They are not always willing to be stuck down, but glue stick and/or washi tape usually does the job.

Black gesso is a wonderful paint to use, it is like velvet and covers so well.  Once it is dry I like to write or draw over it with a white pen.  I will cover whole pages or just small parts.

Yay for art supplies.  What are your favourites?  What have I forgotten to mention?  What do I need? Actually don’t answer the last question, I will be bankrupt!!!

Happy Wednesday x




  1. I can relate to the skipping home from the art store. Sometimes I will just buy one thing and just pop it into my handbag and then sneak it in amongst my other supplies and pretend I’ve had it for ages hahaha. Over art supplies spenders anonymous, that’s me!

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