grey hair
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Grey hair, naturally.


My hair has been all grey for over a year now and I could’t be happier with it.  The tones and shades in the colour seem to shift regularly according to the style and light.  I have darker hair in my original brown but even that seems to have altered it’s colour and tone to blend with the greys which also move from silver white to pewter grey.

Is there anything different about having all out grey hair when most people my age are regularly dyeing, tinting, highlighting, low lighting, bleaching and streaking (please tell me no-one asks for streaks anymore)?

So, what has changed?

I am fanatical about conditioning my hair when I wash it, which is only twice or three times a week now.

I also add a hair oil when my hair is damp,  which highlights the very light areas of my hair as well as keeping any frizz at bay.

My wardrobe consists of less grey, or I at least make sure I add some colour if I end up wearing lots of grey.  No-one wants to look like a walking grey fog!

I am enjoying my hair the longest it has been and I am showing no signs of wanting it short.  However I do fall into the ‘never wearing my hair down’ camp and always have it tied up one way or another.

I like my hair when it is tied up, but when it is down, I worry that I look like I am auditioning for a part in ‘Macbeth’.

Who knew that people would be dyeing their hair grey?  My grandma would have laughed her socks off! Of course I see the appeal, grey hair is cool!

I am very much enjoying that I can put a temporary colour on my hair and it will hang about for a few weeks then be gone as it washes out.  My favorite colours so far have been purple although the blue stayed for longer. Both colours were intense when they were first applied but they both washed out to a lovely shade before fading to my natural colour. I fancy pink too, but not green or yellow.

I love to see gorgeous ladies young and old with natural grey hair, from tiny strands of sparkle grey to full heads of beautiful silver.  I would love to see more ladies with natural grey especially us ‘youngsters’ as a local octogenarian called me just this week!!

If you want to see a ‘before’ photo from about two years ago, look here . It took me just over a year to grow out all of the grey and although I never had any urge to dye it, I had every urge to avoid mirrors and photos!

Enjoy your day, enjoy your hair!

Happy Wednesday x



  1. So inspiring lady, I’m four months in and I’m not going back. Impatient to see where it ends up. Somedays surprised that I’m not as fully white as I thought I might be (but the chunky white stripe is my favourite bit). Haven’t ruled out helping it along as yet, but wanted to wait as long as possible until I got a better sense of it. Agree avoid mirrors for the first couple of months. I couldn’t believe how few people mentioned it. Only my Aunty god love her (and the side of the family it comes from) said ‘are you going to do something with your greys’? Everyone else, nothing nada. Go the youngsters!

    • I must agree, when I was starting to grow mine out, I thought it would be lighter than it turned out to be. Chunks of silver is never a bad thing though! One of the girls at my son’s school asked why my hair was grey and when I told her that it is my natural colour, she said ‘No it’s not’! Not much I could say to that.

  2. therese1965 says

    I’ve been going grey very gradually for years, but now it’s sort of stopped. I don’t think I’ll bother going down the road of colouring it as I think it’ll be too hard to grow it out. I might invest in some more intensive conditioner though. So glad grey is cool now!

    • Hi Therese, if you can avoid dyeing at all, I would go for it, then you will see your hair change colour naturally. I dyed mine since my twenties and I didn’t have a clue what my natural colour was in all that time!

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