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‘I like’ Friday. The book making edition.


I have been making my own books for a relatively short time, but now I have started I consider a book I can make for any occasion be it a journal or a watercolor project.

I have sewn books on the sewing machine and I have hand sewn pamphlet books as well as adapting vintage book covers to make a new journal or sketchbook. I love to add all kinds of paper from heavy watercolor paper to atlas paper pulled from old books.  I have even used brown paper bags from the grocery store to make a book which I love!  See that one here .

Here are some of the ways I have learnt and continue to learn about making books.

Book making books I like are:

How to Make Books by Esther K Smith

Journal Your Way, Designing and Using Handmade Books by Gwen Diehn

Make your own idea book by Arne and Carlos

I mentioned that I like to make books using old book covers and I find those old books at the library – on their sale cart or in the free box. Thrift shops often have great coffee table books with cool covers, estate sales are a great place to find old books and of course the good old book fair.  Book fairs have everything to kids books to old dictionaries and atlases which also provide wonderfully interesting interior pages.



Even though there are some great books on making books, I don’t think I would have even started one without a class.  The Get Messy class is all photos and no video, but there are photos of every step and I mean every step, no stone is left unturned and that is what I need.  Ask anyone who has tried to teach me anything, I need all of the information!!!

Get Messy bookbinding class

Creative Bug  September daily challenge

Creative Bug Book binding classes



So this is what I am liking this Friday, what have you been up to this week, what have you been liking?

Happy Friday x





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