Six Word Saturday
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Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday

I am granny square-ing up a storm.  I am not sure how many I will need for a blanket, but I am fairly sure it is more than five!  I have an evil plan to granny square all summer and it will be my ‘on the plane’ activity when we fly over to Cape Cod for our summer holiday.  So, yes, I will be the crazy lady on the plane crocheting pretty squares!

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Happy weekend!


  1. cape cod holiday!!!!YEAH!!!!
    i’m working on another poncho made from a series of flowers connected together. i worked on it on our last plane ride too. crazy crochet lady too these days! hahaha
    i only have 20 or so more to go. i’m a little burnt out on the project but hoping to get back to it soon.

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