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Through The Lens Thursday 18/52. Upside Down

TTLT 18 Upside Down


I took this prompt very seriously indeed.  I thought and thought about what I could take for upside down and ended up laying in my back garden with my head upside down and taking a photo of the grass and the white flowers which currently reside there.

Let me tell you, it is not easy trying to set camera numbers and settings and look and press buttons while upside down in grass which really needs mowing.  Yes, my grass needs cutting, but the white flowers are all over it and so pretty, I can’t do it (or won’t do it, I will leave judgement up to you!).

I suppose I could have made it easier on myself and just taken the photo right way up and flipped it afterwards, but no, I wanted to fully experience the upside down and bugs eye view (if you are an upside down bug) of the world!

There were some shots which were a mite more in focus than this one, but I slapped the f stop right down to ‘one point something’ and got this lovely bokeh effect and the flowers are in focus enough to know what they are!  I just love the colours and the light of this photo, so I can forgive the soft focus all over effect.

So there you have it, if you want a cool funky bokeh picture, all you have to do is be brave with your f stop settings and lie in the grass with your head tipped upside down – think ‘fish’ pose in yoga –  while holding a camera!

Next week is ‘Music’ and you can see all the Through The Lens Thursday info here.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Ohhhh! I love that bokeh, and those gorgeous colors! What commitment you have to the project. 😀

  2. Joan@azestylife says

    Love the photo. Love the comment about upside down bugs too! Sounds like a fun few moments for you.

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