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One+Four=Life 17/52

Jefferson City, MO
Jefferson City, MO
Jefferson City, MO
On the Road, MO
I am joining in with Pip at Meet Me at Mikes this week for One+Four=Life, a snapshot of the previous week using four photos.
Bit of a cheater cheater pumpkin eater on this one as all of mine are from one day. We went to the State Capitol at Jefferson City with school on a beautiful blue sky day and toured some of the capital buildings.
The kids were well behaved (phew!) and we had a lovely day full of information and fun.
On the way back I snapped a few pictures from the bus window, I do love Missouri countryside, there is always so much to see.

1. I wanted to get more photos of the magnificent capitol building, the white against the blue sky was a stunning contrast. Remember Mum, you are here to look after the kids, not snap photos!
2. The corridors all looked like a scene from a TV show!
3. Amazing murals in the lounge depicting Missouri history.
4. Closed gas station caught with a tanker speeding by, taken from the bus window.

Have a lovely week!


  1. I love how they didn’t leave out any details in that mural (mom wiping baby!). Hahah, I often get most pics on the same day, either I am inspired, or enjoying a special occasion, or I start and just can’t stop. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

    • Thanks Stephanie! Apparently the baby caused some controversy when the mural was painted!!

    • Hi Isabel, lovely Spring weather at the minute, soon to be sweltering and humid for the summer.

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