'I like' Friday, Thrifting
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‘I Like’ Friday. The secondhand Edition.


Estate sales.  I love them. Estate sales, jumble sales, rummage sales, yard sales, car boot sales, thrift shops,  Goodwill shops, charity shops and if I went to Australia I bet I would love Op shops!

It is like an adventure in casual shopping, I say casual because you can’t really go to any of these places looking for a very specific thing.  I always have in mind what type of thing I am looking for, but I keep my eyes open and remember to look at everything!

Shopping somewhere like Goodwill means that you are focused on colours you are drawn to, styles you like and your size, rather than what the stores want to direct you to buy.  I love to browse the jeans, where are you going to get a better selection? Goodwill have all styles from Old Navy to Lucky Brand and Gloria Vanderbilt via Levis and Ann Taylor Loft.  I have discovered that Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft jeans are the best fit for me thanks to Goodwill.  I have found the most gorgeous scarves in Goodwill, just by spotting the colour or fabric and going to investigate.  All you need is a little time and patience.

Estate sales are a pure treasure hunt for me, you really never know what will be there.  I go looking for old books like dictionaries or encyclopedias (which I use for art journaling) and any old paper including ledger books or any old stationary which can use to draw in or on.  I also look for buttons and vintage thread on wooded reels.  In the housewares, I see if there are any Pyrex bowls or casseroles and I use estate sale jugs and vases to hold my painting water and to store my brushes.  Apart from anything, estate sales are usually so interesting to look around at the stuff people gather and then sell.


I am a vintage treasure hunter, but I won’t pass by a yard sale without a look, you never know!

There are three estate sales in my neighborhood this weekend, so fingers crossed that there will be treasure!

Are you a treasure hunter?

Happy Friday x


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I live in St Louis, MO, but I am originally from Lincoln, Great Britain. My family and I have lived in the Mid West for over 15 years now. My blog is www.catseatdogs.com where I blog and chat about all kinds of creative stuff.


  1. Oh my you are speaking music to my soul. My sweet old grandmother just called it junk shopping. Let’s go sometime ok?

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