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Get Messy Live!


“I don’t know anything, ever. I follow fate around” Dirk Gently.

This week I went on Facebook ‘Live’ and made some art journal pages alongside and in front of the Get Messy community. It was equally terrifying and great fun!

We chatted via comments and I made some pages in various journals, letting one part dry as I hopped to the next and so it went on for about an hour.  The time flew by and I made pages I never planned or expected to make.  Isn’t that the best thing when you start to create and don’t plan the outcome and it still turns out well! It could have gone so horribly wrong so easily!

So here are my finished pages, I added very little after the ‘live’ event because I had finished most of them.  I wrote on a couple of the pages and added some doodles here and there.


Black gesso and white paint pen over Germany in my ‘atlas’ journal.


Neon, stencil and another ‘Dirk Gently’ (written by Douglas Adams) quote over the whole spread.


Collage, stencil and a sumi brush and ink face painted over the spread.


Acrylic paint applied with an old gift card, stencil, finger painting, collage and splatters in white and green ink.

Five pages in just over an hour, not bad!

If you are interested in joining the Get Messy Art Journal community, click the link and find out all about it!  I am so happy to be part of Get Messy and my art journals are fat and colorful as a result.

Happy Wednesday x


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