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Get Messy Art Journal. Season of Gifts, Week 2.

We are in the second week of the Season of Gifts over at Get Messy Art Journal.  These are some of my pages from the week.

The first two are in two separate journals and the second two are in the journal I made and showed you last week.  I like having the different papers to work over.


For this page I scraped some background paint onto my sketchbook, I used gelli prints on dry wax paper to glue over each page.  The dancing swan went in and of course some gold splatters!


These trees were finger painted, well the first was and then I squashed the opposite page over the first and made a twin print of the tree.  A gelli print was glued over the spread and I doodled decorations over one tree and things I am grateful for over the other.


This spread is in my made journal and I used the same background as the swan page most likely to use up the paint I had on the scraper!  I painted the ‘trees’ in blue ink with a sumi brush then stuck on the used stamps and added some gold (spotting a gold theme!!).


This page was prompted by the Get Messy team to listen to a christmas song and see where it takes you.  I heard ‘Last Christmas’ on the radio and while I was out walking the dog  I had an idea to make an animal page as if they were all swaying along to the song!  There are some unusual faces going on, but this page just makes me smile!

I really enjoyed my art journaling pages this week!  If you want to learn more about the Get Messy community, go here to find out everything.


Happy Thursday x


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