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Get Messy Week Four. Season of Art 101


This week I have been playing with background ideas and I painted some ombre backgrounds with a view to working on top of the pages.  I have run into a problem though. I don’t want to cover the backgrounds.


This is one of my major art journaling issues, I can’t/won’t (delete as appropriate) layer pages.  If I like how the page starts, I like to leave it.  Maybe I will paint some more ombre base pages to work over so that I can keep the original pages. Or maybe I could work over half of each page.

One thing I did manage to  do as planned was make up some colours and give them names.  This was a prompt from last week’s Art 101 Season. I came up with an idea to gather colour inspiration as I watched the TV!  As I watched Planet Earth II on BBC America I had my notebook with me and whenever I saw a colour I liked or a colour idea, I noted it down and wrote down the name which came from whatever was on the screen or in the narration.  Thanks David Attenborough!


Now I have done this once, I am very keen to do it more while watching other shows.

As I painted and mixed my colours I used the lettering idea from the gorgeous Jennifer at Stitch and Letter which is a tutorial on Get Messy Art Journal‘s website this week.

I noted which watercolours I used for each palette mix, so that I can reproduce it when I need to.

Happy Thursday x


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