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Daily Creating April-June 2017

The 100 day project overtook my posts on my daily Moleskine, but it didn’t overtake the actual project.  I have to say that creating little daily art spaces in my Moleskine diary has been a joy this year.

I literally put anything in there that I want to. I may be learning a new technique and a page will be used for practice or I may find a sticker which will be added or someone will send me a postcard and that will be stapled onto that day.

It is becoming a record of the year as well as a creative practice.

April’s pages were all made using Rae Missigman’s prompts for her Mark Making Monthly challenge.  It is always nice to have a jumping off point for each day.







May was back to me and I made marks, stuck stuff down and splashed colour about!


These ladies were in a discarded library book so I cut them out and gave them new accessories.


There is always something to draw and paint, these vintage tins hold my pins (Sucrets) and a selection of mini pearl buttons and some marbles (Boots).



Found items such as feathers are always a nice thing to paint and record.  I was making a collage in my art journal so I popped one in my Moleskine too.


Practicing a new technique and painting a lady from a magazine using my sumi brush and pink ink.



National Geographic magazines of all ages are great for images.  I couldn’t resist this bird.


Or these costumed characters.


Horoscopes are always good for a spot of entertainment and I often rip them out of a magazine to keep. The little lady with the dogs under a ‘scribble tree’ which was one of my 100 day project ideas.


I am often found in the woods hunting for treasure with my teen, so many pages in my Moleskine have sketches of what we found,  I had to have a couple of run ups at the brooch!


I was playing with marbling my own paper and made a moon, I added a multi colored hair lady and a fortune from a fortune cookie.


More technique practice.


Half way through the year and an already bulging diary!

I am very much enjoying this daily project and love how my Moleskine is filling up with colour and ideas.

Are you doing a daily challenge this year?  How’s it going?

Happy Wednesday x




  1. I love the costumed characters and the newly accessorised ladies! Your journals are always so joyful to look at, Clare!

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