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Art Marks 30 Day Summer Challenge, my journal so far.

I am joining Rae Missigman again this summer for her Art Marks 30 Day Summer Challenge which started on July 15th.

Encouraged to work small for this adventure, I made a little sketchbook using kraft paper and textured paper with a Ray Bradbury paperback for the cover.  I put lots of pages in it so that I could do more pages as I feel inspired and hopefully fill it up.

Well, I am nearly halfway through my book and only on day/prompt 12 out of 30, so I am excited that I will fill my little book up!  Yay.



Day 1. Dense.


Day 2 and 3. Scrawled and Curved.


4. Geometric.


5. Ruled. I had to use part of this vintage ledger page, it is ruled and someone has written Fish and Chips on it!


6. Wide. This wide washi tape was on an envelope my lovely friend send me, I peeled it off before I even opened the letter!


7. Interrupted. I interrupted this girl with a tree.


8. Blurred.


Illustrations from a discarded library book and I had to use them.


9. Freeform.  Abstract flowers using my sumi brush and ink.



Back of the flower page and Day 10. Open.


The bears wanted to be in my journal!


Day 11. Blended.  I put four colours on my brush to make the stripes then added some water to blend.  Details are with copper and a nib pen.

I am putting no pressure on myself in this mini art journal, only to make a mark/page or two or three every day and I am enjoying filling it up!

Create Daily.

Happy Wednesday x

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