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Get Messy Season of Nature Week 2.









It is the second week of the Season of Nature in the Get Messy community and I have got started in my hand made sketchbook.  I have been gelli plate printing seed pods and leaves and dipping pages in hand made ink from black walnuts and red cabbage.

The page I enjoyed making the most is the sketches of the dried seed pods and I like it next to the printed same seed pods.

So far, a lot of the pages are just started, a print or a colour added.  I like to do this just to be rid of the dreaded blank page, then I can come back and add to the page or spread later.

If you want to see more Season of Nature art, go to #getmessyartjournal on Instagram and if you want to see what I have been making I use #catseatdogsgetmessy.

Happy creating and happy Thursday x


  1. Clare I really, really love these pages for Season Of Nature. I feel connected to them because your seed pods are the same seed pods I find here on our farm and in our woods here in Virginia. You have given me great inspiration for the pages in my journal. I love your art and your approach/style

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