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Get Messy Season of Kindness Week 3

I noticed these strands of seeds on the ground when I was walking home from my pilates class this week and picked a few up thinking hey, they would be good to draw.  Yes, this is how my mind works!

I carried them carefully home in my gloved hand in the rain and it turns out that they were a lovely addition to my season of kindness journals.

This season I am making a concerted effort to let myself experiment and do whatever comes to mind in my journals.  If I want to make another journal, I shall, if I want to use the same quote on two pages, no problem.

I don’t often use quotes or words in my journal, but I have had this one from JM Barrie written down ever since I read ‘Wonder‘  to my boys a few years ago and I made a note of it in the diary for future use.

I am very guilty of doing ‘what I think is the correct thing’ sometimes instead of what I really want to do.  Often I will add too many layers to my pages and overcrowd them because that is what I think an art journal page ‘should’ look like.

This season is me being kind to my process and letting my hands get on with it while politely ignoring my sometimes critical brain.

These pages were created pretty quickly using a sumi brush and sumi ink with a little water.  I typed the quotes onto vintage typewriter paper and glued them down.

Get Messy is a very welcoming and active art journaling community (affiliate link) and I love that I am part of it!

Happy Thursday x



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