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Things I am excited about Tuesday.

I hope you like the natty title to this post!!! I was supposed to write it yesterday with the short and to the point ‘Marvellous Monday’ title but blow me down, yesterday came and went and no blog post in sight.  Much as I am tempted to keep the title, I decided to dream up another not so short but still to the point header for today!

What is getting me excited today, well I am glad you asked, because these things are –

Ice cream and sprinkles even though it has been raining for two days straight.

Bitten by Witch Fever is a very inspiring book which I have been drawing (literally in my art journal) all kinds of ideas from.  It had to go back to the library today so sorry no picture, I recommend borrowing it from your library if you can, it is chock full of old wallpaper designs full of detail and colour ideas.

My two art journals for this Get Messy season (affiliate link here,  which means I will get a little commission if you join, but at no charge to you).  I usually make a journal to use for each season but this season I have two because I wanted a big one as well as a cutie small one.

The small ‘meditation’ book was in the library’s free box and the cookbook is the same as one I had growing up in the UK. I saw a copy of it here in the US in a thrift shop for $1.00, so I grabbed it to make into a lovely sketchbook.  My copy is unharmed and full of recipes from Britain in the 1970’s.

These acrylic gouache paints by Holbein Acryla are my current crush, they are so bright and fabulous.  The colour selection is wonderful too,  they pop right off a brown kraft paper background.

Do you get ideas at all times with no warning or method of keeping them before they jump right out of your head forever? I do, all the time and my memory is terrible so I keep a handy Field Notes book close by to record all my moments of genius for future use. They are nice and small so they fit in your bag or pocket for use at a moments notice.

IMG_4653I was turned on to old photo albums by the talented artist Cait Sherwood, this one has very loose innards but a sound cover so I think it will become a sketchbook very soon.  You don’t see them very often in good shape, so I snap them up when I do. Some have photos inside but most don’t.  The inner pages are all cardboard frames which in itself would make an interesting sketchbook.


What have you been getting excited about this Tuesday?  Or any other day for that matter.

Happy Tuesday x



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I live in St Louis, MO, but I am originally from Lincoln, Great Britain. My family and I have lived in the Mid West for over 15 years now. My blog is where I blog and chat about all kinds of creative stuff.

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