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Good books

I have just finished reading ‘The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden’ by Jonas Jonasson of 100 year old man fame.

This book was in-depth with lots of characters but it wasn’t a laborious read it was interesting and witty at each turn.

Nombeko is an endearing leading lady and holds her own without bashing you over the head with all her good points.

It is full of subdued drama and dry wit and I loved it!

The book I have literally just started (last night) is ‘Little’ by Edward Carey and it was only when I read the list of other books he has written that I realised that he is the author of the Iremonger Trilogy which I read to my son when he was a tween. This series of books was the last we read together and we still talk about them now that he is a teenager and taller than me.

Consequently I went into this book with high hopes and so far I am not disappointed. I will only stay with a book if I am captivated by page 30-50 and this one had me in it’s grip by about word 30!

I am sure it will carry on in this vein and I can’t wait to jump back into it this evening.

Are you reading any fabulous books? Fiction? Non-fiction? All recommendations are welcome, I love to hear what people are reading.

Happy Monday x

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