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Weekly Photos 30/52

1. My dining table has been taken over by a week of model making and painting! No complaints from me, they can take over the house if it keeps the kid off screens! 2. I am a little bit over excited to see my little eggplant plant growing an actual eggplant/aubergine. Yay! My gardening skills are not up to much, so I am very proud and I hope the bunnies or squirrels don’t eat it up. 3. We went for a walk at the Shaw Nature Reserve this weekend and in the historic Bascom house they have tea and coffee ready to serve up in a lovely selection of mugs or cups. We opted for the lemonade as it was a very hot day. 4. The teepee at Shaw is always a magnificent sight, even without the cover which hasn’t been on for a few years now. Some cool clouds too. I am posting the weeklies today because tomorrow I will be at the St Louis leg of Vans Warped Tour with my teenager. It …

Six Word Saturday

Today was a hot day for a walk, but walk we did! Five miles around the Shaw Nature Reserve made for a very pretty walk in very hot temps! We took water and made lots of stops for water fill ups, took some snaps and saw some wildlife. We spotted lizards, birds, bugs and butterflies as well as lots and lots of flowers and grasses. A great place to visit. So this was my ‘Six Word Saturday’.  Share yours on Instagram with #sixwordsaturday!

Weekly Photos 27/52 and Green.

What a lovely week, the weather was so lovely, cool (less than 80 degrees counts) and sunny.  I went to Warped Tour with my 13 year old and we had a great time, the garden is awash with green and tomatoes and flowers and we had a trip out to Shaw Nature Reserve on another delicious cool day. Of course I know we are to expect many days reaching a million degrees, but these pockets of bearable are so worth it.  It means we can get out and about and see what St Louis has to say for itself. This is what is said this week, in photos. 1.  The inflatable schedule at Warped Tour, St Louis 2.  Harvest of garlic and lavender. 3.  The ever growing sunflowers are now 6 feet tall (I measured the tallest). 4.  The Hibiscus flowers are unfurling. 5. Thistles at Shaw Nature Reserve. 6.  The Sod House at Shaw, who doesn’t want grass on the roof!? 7.  Pretty Black Eyed Susie flowers. 8.  A very dry creek, these stepping …

Six Word Saturday

  We went to Shaw Nature Reserve today and the weather was cool, the sun was shady and the flowers were out. I snapped lots of photos and this one became this week’s Six Word Saturday. If you want to make a Six Word Saturday, snap a photo and write over it using an app like Rhonna Designs (the one I used here), A Beautiful Mess, Over, Phonto or Little Moments to name a few.  This font in Rhonna Designs is one of my current favourites. Once you have your pic and words (six please), share on your blog or on Instagram using #SixWordSaturday.  I will come and see them and smile a great big smile! Yay. Happy Weekend.