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Weekly Photos 27/52 and Green.

What a lovely week, the weather was so lovely, cool (less than 80 degrees counts) and sunny.  I went to Warped Tour with my 13 year old and we had a great time, the garden is awash with green and tomatoes and flowers and we had a trip out to Shaw Nature Reserve on another delicious cool day.

Of course I know we are to expect many days reaching a million degrees, but these pockets of bearable are so worth it.  It means we can get out and about and see what St Louis has to say for itself.

This is what is said this week, in photos.







The Sod House, Shaw Nature Reserve, MO



Day Lilies

St Louis, MO

image1.  The inflatable schedule at Warped Tour, St Louis

2.  Harvest of garlic and lavender.

3.  The ever growing sunflowers are now 6 feet tall (I measured the tallest).

4.  The Hibiscus flowers are unfurling.

5. Thistles at Shaw Nature Reserve.

6.  The Sod House at Shaw, who doesn’t want grass on the roof!?

7.  Pretty Black Eyed Susie flowers.

8.  A very dry creek, these stepping stones are usually in the water.

9.  A crop of Day Lilies near Cherokee Street, St Louis.

10.  Green as part of the Color/Colour project hosted by Hula Seventy and Xanthe Berkeley. Taken around Cherokee Street.

11. Green part two.  Taken at Shaw Nature Reserve.

That was last week and this week is beckoning, have a great week everyone!





  1. I love all your pictures! If I had to pick favorites it would be the harvest and the hibiscus.

    • The garlic harvest was not as prolific as I had hoped but it will make me a few roast garlic additions to Fall soups. I am drying the lavender to make into lavender filled mini things (not sure what yet!). Thanks Ann x

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