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Weekly Photos 30/52

Model Making
Tea cups
Shaw Nature Reserve
1. My dining table has been taken over by a week of model making and painting! No complaints from me, they can take over the house if it keeps the kid off screens!
2. I am a little bit over excited to see my little eggplant plant growing an actual eggplant/aubergine. Yay! My gardening skills are not up to much, so I am very proud and I hope the bunnies or squirrels don’t eat it up.
3. We went for a walk at the Shaw Nature Reserve this weekend and in the historic Bascom house they have tea and coffee ready to serve up in a lovely selection of mugs or cups. We opted for the lemonade as it was a very hot day.
4. The teepee at Shaw is always a magnificent sight, even without the cover which hasn’t been on for a few years now. Some cool clouds too.

I am posting the weeklies today because tomorrow I will be at the St Louis leg of Vans Warped Tour with my teenager. It is supposed to get to 94 degrees tomorrow so I hope I manage to stay upright with no passing out, which is a very real threat when I have to stand around for a long time. So, yes, I will be the crazy mama who is walking about for no apparent reason while lining up to meet bands (I will not be getting autographs, that will be my kid, I am just there for the standing around!!). Autographs? Do people even say that anymore? When I write it down, it looks so 1985 to me! Signings, we will be getting things signed….autographs…pfft, so old fashioned.

See you later in the week for a Warped round up. Fingers crossed I don’t faint! I will be armed with raisins and Gatorade, so I should be good and yes I will have a couple of sarnies in my bag too.

Enjoy your Sunday and rest of the week x

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