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Thursday selfie


I think it was Courtney at Click it Up a Notch who suggested a regular self portrait for the Project 365 challenge.  So I allocated Thursday as my selfie day.  A decision I question today as I have a cold and I am wearing my crazy heart covered sweatshirt.

I know, I know, if you are planning a photo of yourself why put on your most bonkers sweatshirt?  Surely put on your most lovely outfit?   This morning my goal was to be dressed to get Bodhi  to school and keep warm and I have heard that PJ’s are not an acceptable choice, unless you are a high school student (then it appears to be the rules).

So, here I am au natural.  Well if you ignore the funky finish on the photobooth photos courtesy of IncrediBooth.  I like the ‘bokeh’ (funny little lights) all over my face and I could have totally got away with the bad sweatshirt choice because you can’t see it.  Oh well, now the secret is out!

At least I am not in PJ’s….

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