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What are you Reading now?

I have had ‘The Earth Hums in B Flat’ by Mari Strachan for a couple of years and never picked it up, until this week when I gave up on ‘Hawthorn and Child’ by Keith Ridgeway which I would like to have another go at.  Do you read a book all the way through every time? Or do you give up part way in? I will often leave a book if I am not getting into it, or sometimes I just don’t read it regularly enough and I find myself clueless every time in pick it up again, which is what happened with ‘Hawthorn and Child’ I think.

I am liking ‘The Earth Hums in B Flat’ so far and I think I will make it to the end.  I don’t even try to finish books I don’t like, do you finish them anyway and announce your dislike only when each page has been read and turned?  I am sometimes very bad and give up on a book only 50 pages in, less sometimes.  Surely if it is not your cup of tea by then, it won’t be.


I like non fiction and instructional books too and I love to own them whereas I will usually borrow a novel from the library.  The pressure of having a library book which has to be returned is good for me and my slow reading habit because I only have a set time to read it. This is usually only a two week period as I often gravitate to the newly published books which everyone wants to read and therefore a line is waiting behind me, looking over my shoulder to see if I am done yet.   I borrowed the new Wally Lamb book last week and almost gave it straight back to the library, not because I don’t want to read it, I do, but because it is a big ‘un and I know I won’t finish it in two weeks. Might need to buy that one..

Talking of non fiction, I came across this book set called ‘illustration school’ by the Japanese illustrator Sachiko Umoto. The books themselves are cute as a button and they are called ‘let’s draw cute animals’, ‘let’s draw plants and small creatures’ and ‘let’s draw happy people’. What can I say, who doesn’t want to draw all of those things. I know I do! There is another one about to be published called ‘let’s draw magical colour’, yes please!  Time to drag out the pencils and sketchbooks methinks.


Children’s books are a huge part of reading in our house, I still read every night and at the minute Bodhi and I are reading ‘Muddle Earth’ by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell who are some of my favourites writers and illustrators. It is taking us a while to read this one, but it is a good read, a great adventure with some wonderful characters in true Riddell/Stewart style.

I am still hanging onto picture books because they are such a joy and I want to be able to read them aloud until my kids leave home.  Some still qualify I think, but alas I don’t get away with many.   One of the best I have recently found in the library is ‘The Mischevians’ by William Joyce. Lots of hilarious mysteries solved in this book with Willam Joyce’s amazing and detailed illustrations.

Any recommendations?  Don’t forget to share.  See you tomorrow for Six Word Saturday.

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  1. My daughter likes Let’s Draw Cute Animals. Also will have to check out Mischievians! Funny the little reading rules we have for ourselves. I prefer nonfiction a little too but will read fiction as long as it is under 350 pages. I also start books sometimes saying I will just give it a chapter but then feel like I don’t want to “give up” and not finish.

    • I love those ‘Let’s Draw’ books, I need to buy them and make myself draw everyday. You much read The Mischievians, it is hilarious. You are a better woman than me on the not giving up, I am awful, I can give up very early in a book!

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