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Weekly Photos

32/365 While I was spraying a branch gold for my pom pom advent calendar, I also accidentally sprayed these leaves. They turned out quite pretty!

33/365 It is amazing to think that only a week ago, the temperatures were in the 60’s and 70’s. Now we have a layer of snow and icy sidewalks. I took advantage of the warm days and planted my garlic.

34/365 On Wednesday I was the mystery reader at school, the kids had to guess who was reading by listening to five clues. I read ‘Little Santa’ by Jon Agee. As I was waiting, I snapped this cute decoration.

35/365 Then we got snow! I did spot this little heart as I walked to the gym though.

36/365 Mr.Y’s birthday was today, so I made him an Army guy cake!

37/365 Christmas decorations are starting to emerge in our house. This little tree usually gets decorated by the boys and goes in their room.

38/365 Birthday boy wanted to go the the Transport Museum, so off we went in the snow! It was pretty cool seeing all of the trains outside covered in snow and icicles. I was super happy I caught some snow as I snapped this proud train.

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