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Happy Friday and a late through the lens Thursday.

Yesterday didn’t go so well, nothing terrible happened, it was just a rubbish day and I got nothing of any use done.  In fact I really got nothing done, of use or not.

The day started out just fine, but then I took some photos which all turned out so badly I had to delete the lot, I think this was the tipping point, unfortunately this was 8.20am, so the rest of the day stood no chance.

I thought I would make something, that usually helps, so out comes the sewing machine and the fabric and the ironing board.  I cut out a scarf, yes a scarf, only the easiest thing to make next to maybe, a napkin.   A rectangle of fabric which according to third grade math, is also known as a ‘special square’.  A special square?  Where does that leave triangles? Rehab?

Anyway, it all went wrong, my scissors are so old and abused (paper, I blame the paper) they barely manage fabric any more so even the basic cutting out was a chore.  Good start, should have left it there.

However, I persevered and I sewed and I pressed and I sewed and I ended up with an inside out tube.  I wanted a pretty infinity scarf, used the wrong type of fabric, didn’t pay attention and failed.   I didn’t even attempt to correct it, it now resides underneath a pile of books and magazines, squashed and inside out, under a heap of reading matter.

To top it all off nicely, we walked home from the dentist in  a barrage of sleet and hail!  Fun times.


Ironic then that I choose a scarf (a pretty vintage one, not touched my me and my scissors or sewing machine), to feature as my Through the Lens Thursday (see, nothing got done yesterday) photo.  The theme this week was ‘movement’, so I popped the scarf on the line and took about a million photos as it wafted about.  I would have preferred a blue sky, but I had to make do with a snow filled whitish grey background.

I used my big girl camera and learnt that capturing a moving thing while trying to be all clever and use manual is still out of my ability zone.  So thanks Alison and Greta for this prompt….pah!

Blimey what a crabby pants I am!  Not really today, just yesterday and as long as I can say that, I am sure I will get over those mardy days just fine.

How do you get through rubbish days where it all seems to go wrong?  Tips?  Techniques?  Do share.  Please don’t tell me to have a glass of wine.  You don’t know how close I was to that yesterday!

See you tomorrow for Six Word Saturday!


  1. If the glass of wine is not in my calorie allowance – yes, I need to count – I often get a hot bath with some lavendar bath salts and make the water as hot as I can stand it, pop in some Sting or Rosemary Clooney (depending on how bad the day really was) and close my eyes until the water starts cooling off. And, then crawl into bed. Hope you’re day is better tomorrow. Beautiful photo of the vintage linen.

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