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Things to do with a cauliflower

Today I am linking up with Heike to have a little chat as part of her ‘But it Tasted Good’ series.  I picked on the cauliflower to see how it tastes good and what else we can do with it!

Cauliflower is an ace vegetable, it looks cool and to think of all the things you can do with one.


Cauliflower and cheese. Always a good dish, with slightly crunchy steamed cauli and a lovely cheese sauce made with flour and butter and milk and cheese. Extra cheese on the top with a few sliced almonds and a good toast to get the top all crunchy.  This is definitely going to taste good.

Raw with dips. I like the sound of raw crunchy white mini trees to dip in some home made salsa or a yoghurt dip, but raw cauliflower really isn’t often a good option for me. I don’t dislike it, but I think it dislikes me as it gives me a stomach ache. So even though it tastes good, we can’t be veggie dip friends, sorry raw cauli.

Roasted cauliflower. This is the best best best way to cook cauliflower in the whole wide world. It is. Really it is. I just chop up the white crunchy wonder and drizzle over some oil and plenty of salt. Then roast covered for about 20 mins then remove the lid/foil and roast for another 20 mins until it is as soft and cooked as you like it. Keep testing it or you will end up with squishy cauliflower which will only be good for a salty cauli smoothie. Roasted cauliflower will always taste good!

So what else can we do with our cauliflower I hear you cry. Well, I am glad you asked, I have a few ideas.


Cut a floret in half and make a mini tree stamp. Stamp a forest and add your own animals. Got any animal stickers? Add them too. Use a pen to add owl holes in your trees, don’t forget the owl too.



Write the word cauliflower, it is such a cool word, let’s brush script it!

Draw around the whole cauli or split it off into florets and draw around them.

You can draw the whole thing. Are you a talented artist? Paint a picture of it.


Make a necklace of a pretty floret. A mini pale tree pendant, just for you. A nibble if you get hungry too. Bonus.


Look what the cauliflower did with itself, turned into a romancesco cauliflower and wins top prize for being pretty and tasty.

Right now, the cauli is cooking away in a curry with some butternut squash and chickpeas.

……it tasted good!


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  1. Thanks for coming to my party! I love your ode to the Cauliflower – so beautiful. Another use for cauliflower – a bridal bouquet. Because, why not. And everyone knows that the bride always ends the night hungry – so midnight love snack, anyone? perfect!

  2. what yummy ideas for cauliflower.. thank you for sharing.. i’ve not seen a romancesco cauliflower before.. looks scary..

  3. Love this! Can’t wait to do some veggie stamping with the kidlets – so much more texture than the standard potato!!!

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