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Through the Lens Thursday. Dark

This was the hardest theme yet, I don’t have a very high ISO option on my camera – 1600, so couldn’t take much at all in the dark!
I considered using some artistic license and finding a ‘dark’ object and photographing that, but I wanted to try and figure out how to get a photo in the actual dark.
I ended up taking a photo of me taking a photo (!?) reflected in the back door with the dark outside. It was a bit (ok, a lot) wobbly, but I don’t hate it. I quite like that the wall outside and the bare trees are in there as well as the door and the dark outside.

The second photo was taken this morning when it wasn’t pitch dark, but shadowy enough to need a high ISO so I could practice and get the photo in focus at least!
I like this photo best even though I didn’t take it in full ‘dark’.
Thanks to Alison at Writing Wishing and Greta at GFunkified for pushing me to use my camera manually and to practice even though it doesn’t always work out.

Are you learning something new?  How is it going?  I am easy to give up if I can’t do something straight away, but Through the Lens Thursday is keeping me going and learning.


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