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Weekly photos 16/52

A busy week was had and a productive one too.  Monday night/Tuesday morning saw a lunar eclipse which produced the fabled ‘blood moon’.  We got up at 2am to have a look and it was no disappointment.  The moon was almost fully eclipsed and a faded red.  My husband got a picture of it, so I have borrowed it!

We are in full bathroom re-do chaos but the little light is shining at the end of the tunnel, so all is well.  Never mind that the only sink is in the kitchen, the only mirror is propped on the floor in the dining room and there is no door to the bathroom!  I can’t wait for a new shower.

The weather has been fab and everything is growing and sprouting in all the right directions.









1.  The Blood Moon captured by my hubs and posted on his Instagram page

2.  A two tone leaf on a green bridge.

3. Pom pom bunny!

4. The bathroom re-do continues, here is a glimpse of the original floor tiles.  Coincidently, we are using very similar tiles for the new floor.

5. My friend keeps chickens and I got to chat with them this week.

6. Our little apple trees are in blossom.

7. At last the daffodils have popped out.

8. Easter egg in the garlic.

I am linking up with Em at The Beetle Shack again this week, go see her photos, they are gorgeous.  Have a lovely week.




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