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Why I write.


I have been handed the baton to write about ‘Why I Write’ from the gorgeous Karen of Leaf and Petal blog.    This has turned into quite the blog hop and the links are being gathered at Maxabella Loves if you want to see more.

What am I Working On?

This blog is what I am working on right now, it is kind of new, even though I have had a blog for a few years over at CatsEatDogs.  So I am working on keeping up the momentum of writing regularly and keeping myself interested and bringing you you along with me.

I am also working on painted words (like the picture above), I like the brush script look and am always painting on,  and sending cards and postcards.  Fonts are a wonderful thing to play with too, so I like to work cool fonts into cards to print and send.  Keeping snail mail alive!

How Does My Writing Differ from Others in my Genre?

I use lots and lots of photos and I like to add words and writing to my photos, literally as part of the image or alongside the picture.  There would never be any writing from me without a photo, I love taking pictures and sharing them.  Sometimes the picture leads the writing and sometimes the writing is the choreographer of the piece.  Either way works for me, I happily follow along.

Why Do I Write What I Do?

I like to share what I am up to (well, not all of it) as well as what jewelry I am making and putting in my Etsy shop.  The process of how I take photos or make jewelry is nice to share and it helps me see where I am heading sometimes.  I like to see what other people are up to, what they are thinking, making, crafting, painting and writing.  I know, I am nosey!

As well as online writing, I write letters and cards and lists and lists and lists.  Do you still send cards and letters?  I will send you a card or a letter if you e mail me your address to  One of the happiest things in the world has got to be a friendly letter in the mail!

How Does my Writing Process Work?

Notes, notes and more notes, ideas come to me from all angles and if I don’t write them in a notebook or on my phone, I forget the amazing idea (but still remember I had an amazing idea, which is unfair methinks).  I make sketches and take photos and write words, all part of the process.

A blog post may form, or a piece of jewelry or a design idea, even a dinner idea (hurrah for those!).

My writing and any other creative processes work best when I let them.  I try not to force an idea or a request, just let it form and feed it lots of thoughts and warmth.   Reading magazines and books also keeps the ideas mill running.   The rewards will come in the middle of the night when I jump out of bed to jot down an idea and hope it makes sense in the morning when I look at it again.

As long as the ideas keep coming I will be quite happy with jotting them down.

Now it is my turn to pass the baton onto other bloggers and I have two beautiful ladies to hand over to.


Jessica at Gus and Ollie makes the most adorable toys you ever did see, she sees a sock and makes it into a colourful, artful soft toy.   An Australian expat living in Hamburg, Germany; where she is carving out a creative niche and making the cutest little sock toy family you will find. All of her toys are one off and handmade by Jessica in her sweet little studio in the cobble stoned streets of Ottensen. Her blog focuses on her life and studio happenings, as an Aussie creative in Deutschland. She loves to take photos, ride her bike and to share her adventures all over the world – often with a monkey in tow.




Jo blogs at Blondie By The Sea and her blog is full of amazing photos and chock full of inspiration.

There once was a girl called Jo. She met a boy named Ben. They met on unconventionally on an online dating site, before it was cool.

Abs03 met Waikiki 77. A striped scarf was the key to their intro. They talked and talked. They lived on opposite sides of town. There were many months of long conversations and joint TV viewing over the phone. Soon the phone wasn’t enough and Jo moved North.

After a while a little 1950′s house was bought down South, near the beach. They madly stripped wall paper, carpet, renovated the kitchen and made the house feel like a home.They had two fur kids and lost one. They were so mournful over their loss they acquired another fur kid. Then they thought it was time to share the love and had their own kids.

There were hiccups along the way. Jo had depression, now has the post natal variety. Jo had a difficult relationship with her mum, Jo no longer sees her mum. Jo had two miscarriages, but eventually they had a pigeon pair, Immy and lil Cal.

She writes about (ahmmm will write about) her love of thrifting, crafting, cooking, kidlets and finding her chutzpah (moving past post natal depression) Sit down, relax, she’ll make you a virtual cuppa and will be ready for a chat.










Do you write?  Letters?  Books?  Blog?  Paint words?    Share with us all in the comments.  Don’t forget to leave me an e mail with your address and I will send you some snail mail (not a snail though…)

Have a wonderful week and keep doing what you are doing!


  1. It’s so lovey to meet you, your jewellery work is absolutely gorgeous, Clare. So as well as writing, you are a clever clogs. The best kind of blogger in my opinion!! x

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Maxabella! How kind of you to say such lovely things, I like the idea of being a clever clogs. Takes one to know one is all I’m saying! Clare x

  2. Wonderful post Clare! So happy that you did this and joined the Blog Hop. I loved hearing about why you write. You always have great photos in your posts which I love – there really is a bit of a coupling with pictures and words, whichever comes first. I’m also a bit of an obsessive crafter and tragic listmaker. Well done x

    • Ha, the lists, I have a list or two on the go at the minute. Thanks for getting me to do this Karen, it was not the easiest post to write as my first response was ‘I don’t really know’! Thanks x

  3. It’s quite the blog hop now isn’t it!!! Loving reading all of these. Think it’s great that you write and share your inspirations for your jewellery on here. Wish I was as creative x

    • There are so many cool people involved too, I love reading all of the ‘Why I Write’s. Thanks!

  4. I loved finding out more about you Clare and your writing process. I’ll have to take a sneak peek at your store too.

    Wow, amazing photos, gosh….I’m a bit speechless. Thank you and thanks for inviting me to hop along with you. Jo xx

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