Through The Lens Thursday
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Through the Lens Thursday 26. Imperfect.



We are half way through the ‘Through the Lens Thursday’ project which means we are halfway through the year (yikes).  I am so pleased I have been keeping up and taking a photo with my DSLR on manual every week for 26 weeks.  In fact I haven’t switched back to auto all year, so I am a proud photo taker.  Thanks to Alison at Writing Wishing and Greta at GFunkified for keeping us all going.

This week’s prompt was ‘Imperfect’ and I was racking my brains trying to think of something….my hair (going grey nicely, thanks for asking!), doughnuts for breakfast, video games, the burst slip ‘n’ slide in all of it’s duct tape glory….when we passed this wonky ‘stop’ sign and the decision was made.

We dropped the shopping at home and I grabbed my camera and walked back (not far thankfully) and snapped the leaning sign.  I like the way the sign underneath it warns of angry cars, good to know.

Are you doing any year long projects?  Is is worthwhile for you?  I love the collection of photos I am getting, a weekly snapshot.  I need to post all of the photos so far here at Girl Fifteen as most of the photos are currently residing at my old blog CatsEatDogs.

Happy photo taking!



  1. I’m so happy that we’ve managed to keep this up for 6 months! I think it’s a great shot, and a wonderful take on the prompt.

    • We are doing so well! A full year will be great to look back on. Thanks for the comment. x

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